Life Groups are how we share life together. They are a great way to get to know others and build authentic relationships that both encourage and strengthen.

A life group is a small gathering of people that meets on a regular basis to 'do life' together, engage in a meaningful way and grow spiritually.  At VCPC, we encourage everyone to become an active member of one. There are groups conducted in English and Cantonese.

Interested in joining a Life Group? Please contact one of the pastors ( for details.

Young Adults Home Group: This group meets every Wednesday night from September through June in Burnaby.  People between the ages of 18 and 35 are welcomed to join us.  Topics vary from Bible to topical or book studies.  This is an English-speaking group.

Rainbow Fellowship: This seniors group meets weekly on Friday nights at the Blue House. Topics vary from Bible to topical or book studies.  This is a Cantonese-speaking group.

Rice Fellowship: Individuals between the ages of 18 through to middle-aged are welcomed to join each Friday night for study and/or fellowship.  There are on-site and off-site activities.  This is a Cantonese-speaking group.